How To Use The Archive

Here is some simple and basic information to help you use the archive and where to find images.

Please remember this is not a formal archive as might be used by a library or university. It is just a collection of many of the images that we hold at Höfner.

We have done our best to put these into some sort of rational order so that you can browse the archive and hopefully find what you are looking for.

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The Structure of this image archive.

This is quite simple. There are only 2 main elements - folders and galleries. At the top level, there are the main folders - like in the image above. These are what you see when you click on the Browse menu item.

A folder can contain sub-folders and galleries, but it cannot contain images. Galleries contain images. Galleries cannot contain folders. So you "drill down" to use a computer term. For example: Folder>Folder>Folder>Gallery. Just poke about a bit - you'll soon get the hang of it!


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The image on the left shows a typical folder structure. In this case, the folders that contain back catalogues over the years.

Folders + Galleries

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The image on the left shows where we have arrived in a folder that contains sub-folders AND galleries. Click on a folder to see what it contains or click on a gallery to see the images it contains.


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You can search the archive. There is a search menu item at the top of each page. Click this to start a search - you will see a page like the image above.

The search relies upon the names we have given to folders and galleries, plus it also uses tags we put on images. More on tags in a moment,

You can use 2 or more words in a search and this can be useful. For example, if you just search for "catalogue" the search will return potentially hundreds of images. However, if you search for "catalogue 1957" then you will quickly narrow down what you are looking for.

There are thousands of images and we have done our best to name them correctly and there is more work to do. Please be patient with us!

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When you do a search it is possible to see the results for not only images but folders and galleries as well. In fact this is often a better way to see what is in the archive. Give it a try!

In the image to the left I have searched for "selmer" and then clicked on GALLERIES - it shows me the 33 galleries in the archive that contain something to do with Selmer.

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We add "tags" to each image. These are used in searches. You can see the tags for an image on the bottom left of the screen, under the image title.

We are working on tagging every image but this is going to take some time. The more work we do the better will be the search results.

Image Size

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Look out for this icon at the bottom right of the screen when you are viewing an image. It lets you resize the image which can be useful if you are trying to read small or faded text.

Copyright and Downloading

All images in this archive belong to Höfner and are copyright. You should not use any images without our permission. We are friendly towards anyone who wants to use an image for non-commercial purposes and will do our best to help out. Please do not steal our images!

It is not possible to download images from this archive, this is disabled. If you want an image then contact us - there is a contact form on our website.

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