Welcome to the Hofner Image Archive

This is not a formal archive but rather a presentation of many of the digitised documents and pictures that are held at Höfner. In all, there are around 28,000 files but we do not include them all here. Some files refer to living people and their employment with Höfner for example. We have not included some more recent price lists since these contain confidential information.

Some documents involve legal proceedings over rights and patents and these are not included. We have not included images of past and present Höfner endorsed artists since we are no longer in contact with some of them and do not have permission to use their image here.

We owe a great debt to Mr Steve Russell who took on the job of scanning and cataloguing all of the documents and pictures. Almost every image you see here was scanned by him! Steve also runs the Vintage Höfner Website, a real treasure trove of facts and information. You can pay that a visit by clicking here: www.vintagehofner.co.uk

We continue to build this website by uploading more files from our archive, but this takes time. We hope you enjoy looking at some of the history from our 130+ year old company.

All images in this website are Copyright by Karl Höfner GmbH & Co KG. No images may be reproduced without permission.

Serious researchers and historians are invited to contact Höfner if they require further information.

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